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What Kind Of Dog Should I Get (2)?

If you’re wondering ‘what kind of dog should I get?’ consider this: One which doesn’t drag you out in the cold and wet, if that’s something you hate! Having to go walkies on a wet, windy evening isn’t every dog’s idea of fun.

Choosing A Dog | Helping Holly From Minnesota

I had a question from Holly in Minnesota about getting a dog and thought the Q&A would make a great post. The questions are very general but I managed to include some quick tips on choosing a dog to help her along the way.

Why (Dog) Health Is Important When Choosing A Dog

How you can use dog breed health to help choose the right dog for you

Low Allergy Dogs – Choosing a Cross Breed

What is and isn’t a low allergy cross-breed, and what to consider when choosing one if you’re allergic to dogs