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Choosing an Ethical Dog Breeder – A Breeder’s Own Words

There will always be a market for puppies. My challenge is to help you choose a dog breeder who is ethical and supportive, as well as choose the right dog. These words from Gabriel Valdez beautifully sum up what you need to look for.

Quick Dog Training Tips – Dealing With Jumping Up

Do you have a dog that jumps up at people? Well this very quick dog training tip from a friend of mine might solve your problems quickly and humanely. It worked on her Whippet, so why not give it a go?

Choosing A Dog : We Did All The Wrong Things!

How blind faith and being clueless about choosing a dog has landed this guy with a dog that’s going to be far bigger and bouncier than he wanted. And why it could become a problem in the future. A quick refresh about some do’s and don’ts of choosing a dog!

Why (Dog) Health Is Important When Choosing A Dog

How you can use dog breed health to help choose the right dog for you