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Rescue Dog Adoption Or Buy A Dog Instead?

This article raises the question on whether you should go for rescue dog adoption or buy a dog instead. There’s no right or wrong answer. See why I have done both and what that means for you here.

Choosing an Ethical Dog Breeder – A Breeder’s Own Words

There will always be a market for puppies. My challenge is to help you choose a dog breeder who is ethical and supportive, as well as choose the right dog. These words from Gabriel Valdez beautifully sum up what you need to look for.

Choosing Your Dog – Finding A Good Rescue Organisation

Rescue organisations are worth their weight in gold, but they’re not all brilliant. If you want a great dog from rescue, first find a great rescue to get one from. That way you’ll get advice and support all the way. So here are some top tips for what to look for.

Eleven Reasons Not To Give A Dog As A Gift

With Christmas round the corner, I wanted to sound a word of warning for anyone thinking of giving a dog or puppy as a gift. While it might seem like a lovely idea, most Christmas presents of animals – dogs included – usually end in failure. Here are eleven reasons why.

Choosing A Dog : Love At First Sight Doesn’t Work

Why an incident with a Beagle in a pet store shows that love at first sight doesn’t work when choosing a dog, plus top tips for adopting from rescue.