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How To Find The Best Dog Shelter Or Dog Rescue

The purpose of this article is to give you my top tips on how to find the best dog shelter or dog rescue.

12 Tips For Successful Dog Rescue And Adoption

Today I thought I would give you 12 tips for successful dog rescue and adoption. This was prompted by several meetings with a border collie near where I live. Follow these tips to adopt a cross or a pure breed and you’ll be on the right track.

Puppies Ready For Christmas

So you’re thinking of buying a puppy? Well Christmas is the worst time to be doing it. If you see a site, ad or link offering ‘puppies ready for Christmas’, ignore it at all costs. Here’s why:

Choosing My First Dog – Vanna The Dobermann

I thought today I would say something about Vanna, my first dog as an adult. Here are some early lessons I learned about choosing a dog, and choosing from rescue, as well as Vanna’s personal story from her all-too-short life.

A Happy Owner Of A Rescue Dog

Debra and Carolynn chose their perfect rescue dogs. Read how choosing a dog from rescue can be more difficult than getting one from a breeder, and how happy Debra and Carolynn are now. It’s just a matter of taking the right steps – steps you can follow too with my Free Guides

Why Rescue Centres Don’t Always Help You Choose The Right Dog

Why rescue centres don’t always help you choose the right dog, and some top tips on getting a good rescue centre