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12 Tips For Successful Dog Rescue And Adoption

Today I thought I would give you 12 tips for successful dog rescue and adoption. This was prompted by several meetings with a border collie near where I live. Follow these tips to adopt a cross or a pure breed and you’ll be on the right track.

Consider Character When Bringing A New Puppy Home

Another article on bringing a new puppy home, this time inspired by Arwen’s reaction to a very usual item of clothing. Find out why a puppy’s character – and yours – will be central to your success.

A Happy Owner Of A Non-Shedding Dog

A blog showing how two free guides, some pre-planned e-mails, and a little personal advice have helped this owner choose the right non-shedding dog for them. They’ve also got it right the first ever time and chosen a dog their highly allergic son-in-law can live with too.