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What Is A Puppy Mill?

In several of the articles about bringing a new puppy home, I’ve talked about breeder types you need to avoid. Today I want to cover the question “what is a puppy mill” so you understand that puppy mills come in different shapes and sizes.

Go To Dog Shows Before Bringing A New Puppy Home

For the last 4 days I have been at Crufts, the largest dog show in the world. I’ve been helping out on the Azawakh breed stand. So here are some tips on using dog shows for information before bringing a new puppy home.

Dog Breed Standards – Use Them Wisely

When you are looking for a pure breed of dog, it’s important to take account of more than just the breed standard held by your Kennel Club. Breed standards are important, but aren’t the full story. In this article I explain why.

Hypoallergenic Dogs – Are Hypoallergenic Dogs a Myth?

It’s time for the annual review of my hypoallergenic dogs list and this has thrown up some vital truths about Labradoodle and allergies. If you’re thinking of getting a Labradoodle please check out the link in this blog

Choosing A Dog For Allergies – Are Brindle Boxers Hypoallergenic?

I had this question recently from a lady on my e-mail list and thought it would make a great blog post for everyone looking for hypoallergenic, low allergy and non-shedding dogs. Read on to find out the answer.