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Dog Walks At Castle Ring Fort

More photos! This time some early morning shots from our dog walk near Castle Ring hill fort near Cannock. Lovely pictures of Kylah, Arwen and Vinnie enjoying life the way only happy dogs can.

Choosing A Dog | Does Your Dog Resemble You?

Does your dog resemble you? More to the point, should it? Website reader Liz asked whether I thought that when people choose a dog, they seek one that, at some level, resembles them. I believe they do, and they should. I’ve shared my full answer with you here :

Choosing A Dog : Why Breed Groups Don’t Work On Their Own

Why breed groups don’t tell you enough on their own for choosing a dog, and a top tip for using breed groups.

Choosing A Dog For Your Size And Health

Why it’s important to consider your physical size, weight and health when choosing a dog.

Choosing a non-shedding, hypoallergenic and low allergy dog

Desperate for a dog but have a DOG ALLERGY? Well look no further. If you want the ONLY up to date list of non-shedding, low allergy and hypoallergenic dogs you’ve come to the right place.

Why You Need Help Choosing A Dog – Richard’s Story

Why you need help choosing a dog – the story of Richard and his Miniature Schnauzer

Dog Allergies and Allergy Testing – Put Yourself First

Don’t you think the brain is an amazing thing?  How many times during the day does it do something seemingly random which then somehow has a purpose? All of a sudden the cogs start whirring and out pops a blog post! Choosing a dog is a big decision, especially your first one.  And it’s even more important when you have

The Cheapest Way To Get Good At…. Choosing Your Dog

My blog today was going to be on a totally different subject, but then I had an e-mail which changed all that completely.  I’m on a number of mailing lists from people who are all experts in their field.  That’s because I like to learn and develop – and because they’ve all been down the path I’m going well before

Walking The Dog…. (Is Your Key To Choosing The Right One)

Why walking the dog is your key to choosing the right dog, whether or not you have a dog allergy.