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Get A Dog For Your Garden, Or Garden For Your Dog?

Do you get a dog for your garden, or garden for your dog? This is a light hearted post with a serious message underneath. Let me tell you about our garden design difficulties and how that could affect your choice of dog

Dog Walk In Dove Dale – 3rd March 2012

I used to love walking on my own. Now I can’t imagine walking without the dogs. Today I wanted to share a few photos taken on an afternoon walk in Dovedale, in the Peak District, and help you find the same joy

Choosing My First Dog – Vanna The Dobermann

I thought today I would say something about Vanna, my first dog as an adult. Here are some early lessons I learned about choosing a dog, and choosing from rescue, as well as Vanna’s personal story from her all-too-short life.

Getting A New Dog Or New Puppy Requires Effort

So few people think about their dog’s long term quality of life or how much effort this requires when getting a new dog or new puppy. So here’s how this blog came about and 3 key stages which require your effort before reaching “Life Is Good”.

A Happy Owner Of A Rescue Dog

Debra and Carolynn chose their perfect rescue dogs. Read how choosing a dog from rescue can be more difficult than getting one from a breeder, and how happy Debra and Carolynn are now. It’s just a matter of taking the right steps – steps you can follow too with my Free Guides

A Happy Owner Of A Non-Shedding Dog

A blog showing how two free guides, some pre-planned e-mails, and a little personal advice have helped this owner choose the right non-shedding dog for them. They’ve also got it right the first ever time and chosen a dog their highly allergic son-in-law can live with too.