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Care for Dogs and Puppies at Puppy Farms

For many years, dog lovers all over the world have been duped into buying dogs and puppies from puppy mills without knowing what it is they support. Please make sure you’re not one of them.

Essential Steps For Bringing A New Puppy Home

In this quick post I want to give you the essential steps for bringing a new puppy home. This is what you should do, not what most people do. Let me explain why.

Thinking Of Bringing A New Puppy Home?

If you are thinking of bringing a new puppy home right now, make sure you get the results you want. Your chances of getting a happy, healthy puppy can so easily be destroyed if you’re not sure how to go about it.

Dog Breed Standards – Use Them Wisely

When you are looking for a pure breed of dog, it’s important to take account of more than just the breed standard held by your Kennel Club. Breed standards are important, but aren’t the full story. In this article I explain why.