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Panic over my old dog with bad teeth!

This post is about the panic we had over my old dog with bad teeth. One of the things you need to consider when choosing a dog (yes, even before you GET a dog) is that if there is an incovenient time to do something, they’ll find it.

Essential Steps For Bringing A New Puppy Home

In this quick post I want to give you the essential steps for bringing a new puppy home. This is what you should do, not what most people do. Let me explain why.

A Question About Bringing A New Puppy Home

“How do you determine the puppy’s character if you wouldn’t get a chance to bring it home before you actually get the dog?” A great question from SS in New York State about bringing a new puppy home. Read my answer in full here:

Choose A Dog For Your Climate?

Today’s unusually hot weather, and my wish to give you some photos of the ‘kids’ has led to a thought about heat/cold and how that could affect you when you choose a dog. It’s something that a lot of people never consider.

Choosing My First Dog – Vanna The Dobermann

I thought today I would say something about Vanna, my first dog as an adult. Here are some early lessons I learned about choosing a dog, and choosing from rescue, as well as Vanna’s personal story from her all-too-short life.

10 Steps To Choosing A Dog – Otherwise Luck Is All You Have

More than 50% of people don’t do any of the right things when choosing a dog. I’d say almost 90% don’t do all the things they should. So back by popular demand – here’s a recap on the 10 essential steps to choosing a dog.