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What Kind Of Dog Should I Get (2)?

If you’re wondering ‘what kind of dog should I get?’ consider this: One which doesn’t drag you out in the cold and wet, if that’s something you hate! Having to go walkies on a wet, windy evening isn’t every dog’s idea of fun.

Choose A Dog For Your Climate?

Today’s unusually hot weather, and my wish to give you some photos of the ‘kids’ has led to a thought about heat/cold and how that could affect you when you choose a dog. It’s something that a lot of people never consider.

A Happy Owner Of A Non-Shedding Dog

A blog showing how two free guides, some pre-planned e-mails, and a little personal advice have helped this owner choose the right non-shedding dog for them. They’ve also got it right the first ever time and chosen a dog their highly allergic son-in-law can live with too.

Choosing a Dog – Are You A Fair Weather Walker?

Why being a fair weather walker can affect which dog you choose, and why, and some ideas on overcoming the loss of exercise time.