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About Robin

None of this site could have been possible without my fantastic partner Robin.  He’s my rock and my inspiration.  He’s supported me while I spent countless hours at the computer writing my book and all the support tools that go with it – and there’s still so much more work to do!

Robin has had a very interesting life. He learned to fly helicopters and has been stationed all over the world.  After the Navy he set up his own business, with great success.

I met Robin though a love of dogs in July 2004.  He had volunteered to do some promotional work for the dog rescue I was with.  Both of us were just fresh out of relationships, and not looking for another, but sometimes these things happen!

Robin has thankfully learned to love dog hair.  Good job really as he didn’t have much of an option.  It was a simple case of love me, love my dogs,  and get used to it!

The good news is that you don’t have to love dog hair (or the hoovering that goes with it) to have a dog. If that sounds like a great idea, there’s more info in your free e-course on choosing a dog.


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