Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of

It is possibly the world’s shortest privacy policy.

  1. My purpose is to provide you with the best quality information and support to make choosing and living with your dog easy and joyful
  2. I hate spam.  I won’t clog your in box with e-mails and I won’t give information to other people so they can do it instead
  3. I won’t give your details to third parties, and the website does not collect your information
  4. All information you do provide is voluntary (ie for newsletters) and is held securely on my server
  5. This site does not set cookies on your PC
  6. If  you give me a testimonial I will ensure it is not traceable to you, unless you wish it to be and give me permission for this to happen
  7. You can opt out of receiving e-mails at any time by hitting ‘Unsubscribe’ at the bottom of  my e-mails
  8. If you feel the site is not following its privacy policy correctly please notify me immediately on

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