Non-Shedding Dogs

If you have a dog allergy, or just aren’t keen on dog hair everywhere, start here.

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PLEASE BE CAREFUL! ONLY the dog breeds listed below are ‘recommended’ for people with dog allergies. Know how to test your allergy safely and please inform your GP before you start.

Click the breed name to find out more.  On the profile page,  click the orange description tabs on the left to bring up the detail in each box.

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Breed Size Exercise Town, Country or Both (T/C/B) Suitable For 1st Time Owners
Affenpinscher S 1 Hour B Y
Afghan Hound L C M
Airedale Terrier L C N
American Hairless Terrier M B Y
Australian Terrier S B Y
Bedlington Terrier M B M
Bichon Frise S T Y
Bolognese S T Y
Border Terrier S B Y
Bouvier Des Flandres L C N
Cairn Terrier S B M
Chinese Crested (Hairless Variety) S T Y
Coton de Tulear S T Y
Dandie Dinmont Terrier S B Y
Fox Terrier (Wire Haired only) M C N
Giant Schnauzer L C
Glen of Imaal Terrier S B M
Greyhound L B Y
Hairless Khala M B N
Havanese S T Y
Hungarian Puli S B Y
Irish (Soft-Coated) Wheaten Terrier M B Y
Irish Terrier M B N
Irish Water Spaniel L C M
Kerry Blue Terrier M B N
Komondor L C N
Lagotto Romagnolo M C M
Lakeland Terrier S B M
Lhasa Apso S T Y
Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) S T Y
Maltese Dog S T Y
Miniature Poodle M B
Miniature Schnauzer S T
Norfolk Terrier S B Y
Norwich Terrier S B Y
Peruvian Inca Orchid (Hairless) M B M
Portuguese Water Dog L C Y
Russian Black Terrier L B M
Schnauzer – Standard M B
Sealyham Terrier S B Y
Shih Tzu S T Y
Spanish Water Dog L C M
Standard Poodle L C Y
Tibetan Terrier S B
Toy Poodle S T
Welsh Terrier M C
West Highland White Terrier S B
Xoloitxcuintle – Mexican Hairless L B
Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) S T