Natural Dog Health and Dog Remedies

This was inspired by several recent meetings with dog owners who have dog problems.  And my advice to them about the first course of action.

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Dog Homeopathy Works

I’m a firm believer in the power of natural remedies for dogs and cats as well as humans.  Dog homeopathy and home remedies for dogs are becoming increasingly popular as people realise that vets don’t have all the answers.  Even some vets accept they don’t have all the answers, and I’ll come onto that later.

I often meet owners whose dogs have some kind of behavioural issue that is something to do with their past.  For example recently I met:

  • an owner with a very nervous dog because she had been attacked as a puppy
  • two owners with aggressive, snappy dogs who had the same early life experience
  • and a lovely couple with a small Lhasa Apso who had been bullied by a bigger dog in her former home.

Behavioural training will help all of these dogs.  BUT before that’s tried, how about trying some other methods which can reduce the stress and trauma in the dog’s mind first?  That way you have a more chilled out dog which is easier to manage.  Training becomes so much easier.

I know this because I’ve used homeopathic and non-veterinary remedies for my rescue dogs and foster dogs with great results. 

And It’s Cheaper Than The Vets

Rather than go to the vets for tranquilisers, head for the chemist or the internet instead.  Tranquilisers treat the symptoms but not the cause of the problem.  And long term use can have some horrible side effects – including organ failure and early death.

Herbal, homeopathic and home dog remedies are usually far cheaper – and nicer for your dog – than a course of drugs. 

What Dog Home Remedies Do


  • offer a totally natural way which works in harmony with your dog’s body, not against it, like drugs can
  • calm the dog’s fears so it is less likely to react badly to its usual stressful situations
  • make your dog easier to manage so that you can start doing some training and introductions more easily
  • can often remove the need for any professional dog training help. 

So using these can save you lots of money.  I know because I’ve used them myself, and recommended them to many other people.  And when I’ve met those people again, they have all said what a difference the remedies made.  And how little it cost.

And I’ve been able to see the difference in their dogs too.

So if you’re interested in healing and helping yout pet the natural way click here for some great product recommendations and the most amazing home remedies book ever.


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