Get Started With This Free E-Course and Choose Your Dog With Confidence!

Well done!  By signing up for this course, you put yourself ahead of 90% of people who ever get a dog.  Most people dive straight in and then realise how hard it is to have a dog, even one that’s relatively easy to live with. The consequences are usually expensive for the person and horrible for the dog.

This e-course sets you up with the bare basics of what you need to know. It’s ideal for you if you have never had a dog before, but it can also help you if you have owned dogs but want to make a better choice this time.

So let’s start with what this e-course does for you.  It will:

  • introduce you to the key stages of choosing a dog
  • take you step by step through the main issues
  • give you practical tips for making good choices,
  • offer you some course ‘homework’ for each stage of the process, and
  • provide you with the best free guide to choosing a dog on the internet today.

Most people miss at least 4-5 of the key lessons this e-course.  In fact most people tend to leap in at number 12 without any of the essential planning.  That’s why almost half of all dogs and puppies are given up on within 12 months of being bought or adopted.

Thankfully you’re not most people and you’ll be a whole lot better equipped to choose your dog at the end of this course than when you started.

Why am I doing this for you?

I’m doing this to save you from repeating my mistakes, and those of millions of other people who have all gone down the same road.  I’m also doing it because I love dogs.  I’ve seen the dark side of the rescue world, and I’m passionate about ensuring the dog you choose stays with you for the rest of its life, instead of ending up another sad rescue centre statistic.

What makes me able to teach you this? I learned it the hard way, by choosing 3 dogs each of which were wrong for me in many ways.  I spent £5,000 and 2 years of my life learning how not to choose a dog. I’m sure you’d rather not follow my example!

Having got it really badly wrong, I thought I’d better learn from my mistakes and start getting it right.  I worked out my own detailed (and fairly bomb-proof) system which I’ve applied successfully for a long time now. This free guide is based on that system, which will help you choose a dog for a lifetime of joy in the quickest, easiest and cheapest way possible.

I guarantee that using this free guide you will be a lot more aware of what’s really involved in choosing a dog.  I also guarantee that by using it you’ll be well on the road to choosing a dog that makes your life (and your heart) complete.

What this guide covers

This guide covers all of the following:

  1. Choosing A Dog – Do I Need Help?
  2. Five Big Mistakes When Choosing A Dog
  3. Should I Get A Dog?
  4. Can I Afford A Dog? Budgeting For Your Dog
  5. Assessing Your Lifestyle – What Do I Need From A Dog?
  6. What Are dog Breeds – An Introduction
  7. Let’s Talk About Exercise!
  8. Shortlisting Your Dog Breeds
  9. Finding a Dog Breeder
  10. Finding A Good Rescue Organisation
  11. Dogs suitable for dog allergies
  12. Choosing Your Dog
  13. Quick Start Guide – Course Recap

I’m not going to baby you or sugar coat things.  This is the essential basis for choosing the right dog. If you don’t know this stuff, and don’t follow the plan laid out for you, you will probably fail to choose the right dog, with the consequences that follow.

Each lesson in the course has its own little bit of course homework attached.  This is really important, so please don’t ignore it.  The homework gets you thinking carefully about the issues raised from each lesson and the information you need to take to the next stage.

Start each piece of homework on a separate sheet of paper, or a new page on your PC.  Personally I find jotting things down with a pen and paper works best for me, but whatever works for you is fine.  Keep all those bits together in a file and then you can add the free  course book to it when you’ve finished.

One final piece of advice is – the worst thing you can do is rush out and get a dog this week because you’ve got the bug.  I know how difficult it is to stop yourself, because I’ve been there.  There will always be more dogs and there will always be more puppies.  What’s most important, to me, to you and to your dog, is that you actually choose one that makes you really, really happy. Would you rather get one next week and regret it the week after, or do this properly and get many years of delight?

I want you to get this right.  I look forward to hearing ‘how right’ very soon!

I look forward to hearing about your success very soon.

Bev x


P.S.  This is only a snapshot of the full system, and I’ll tell you more about that soon. For now, enjoy the lessons and let me know what you think.

Lesson 1 will arrive in your e-mail tomorrow, or you can skip to Lesson 1 here


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