Welcome to Lesson 8!

What’s Making Your Shortlist?  Shortlisting Your Dog Breeds or Types

This lesson covers short-listing dog breeds or types of dogs which will suit you.  It’s important that you work through this carefully.  This careful planning and thinking is going to make all the difference to how happy you will be with your dog when you get it.

This includes being certain about which dog breeds or types suit you.

Before you go anywhere near a dog breeder or rescue centre, you must have a clear idea of what you’re going for and why. Otherwise you’ll flounder about not knowing which way is up and which is down.

Are you definitely looking for a pure breed? Many people find that they suit several different breeds and need to make a choice.  Let’s look at an example which isn’t dog-related to see how this works:

 You’re in the market for a car.  You’ve got three children of school age.  This means you need space for kids, school bags, and possibly even their friends occasionally. You like to go away a lot so you need boot space for suitcases and a car that will take a heavy load. You want and need something reliable, and reasonably fuel economic.  And you have an upper budget of $20,000.So that’s

  • spacious
  • seats five or more
  • tough load lugger
  • reliable
  • sparing on fuel
  • under $20,000

This is your list of must-haves.  There are several makes and models which might fit your needs.  Maybe that’s a Ford Galaxy, a Renault Espace, or a Volkswagen Touran.

In the same way you will usually find several breeds of dog that meet your lifestyle factors.  There will be quite a few that (for example) love kids, fit in your house/garden, are easy to groom and are ok with the amount of exercise you have time for.

This is why you have done all your planning and coursework. You need to have a list of your key ‘must-haves’ for your dog.

I did say dog breeds or types in the heading. Please don’t overlook the multitude of lovely pure breeds and cross-breeds waiting patiently in rescue centres.

There are bound to be plenty of rescue dogs that will suit you brilliantly, if you’re open-minded about your options.  Rescue  centres are full of pure breeds waiting patiently for a kind and loving home.  For example, if you go in asking for a smallish dog which is moderate energy and great with children, there are bound to be options in most rescue centres – anything from puppies to older adults.

Finally, don’t start with looks!  Starting with looks (a photo or something you’ve seen in the high street) will lead you to shut out dogs which would have worked.  Always do that at the end.

Lesson 8 coursework

Please make sure you have done ALL your previous course work, because this is forming a picture of your ideal dog.

Remember this is all in your course book which you’ll get at the end.

Bev x


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