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Choosing a Dog – Do I Need Help?

Listen carefully – yes, you do.  Lots of people think it’s easy to choose a dog.  It is, but only if you know what you’re doing.  Let’s put it another way, it’s really easy to get a dog – you can go and buy one or find one through the free ads today – but would you be getting the right one?

Normally this knowledge takes a lot of time and mistakes to acquire.  It also costs money.  Consider that a decent pedigree puppy will set you back £600 or equivalent in your own currency, and that’s not including food, insurance, vaccination costs, dog toys and more.  That’s not a mistake you want to make once, let alone more than once.

If you’re a first time dog owner, need a low allergy dog, had a dog which didn’t work out or have had a lifestyle change, you might not know how to choose the right one.  Even long time dog owners often lack the essential knowledge and skills they need to do this right.

In all seriousness, it’s far easier and cheaper to ask for help from someone who’s done it all before. I certainly wouldn’t recommend doing what I did, which was going in alone, spending £5,000 and wasting 2 years of my life on 3 completely unsuitable dogs.

Added to this, people often think that if they want a dog, that any dog will work. I’ve seen people actually say this on dog forums on the internet.  I’ve no idea where they got that idea from!  You only have to look at the millions of dogs in rescue centres and found straying worldwide to know that’s not true.

There are also lots of people out there to cheat you.  There are many puppy farmers who don’t care what they sell or how poorly it is as long as they sell it, and they’ll use every trick to get you to buy.  There are people advertising dogs ‘free to a good home’ (using free ads), who will tell you lies about the dog just to get rid of the mistake they made.  Pet stores usually sell puppies from puppy farms and should be avoided anyway.

The free information on the internet doesn’t give you the practical help you really need.  It’s vague, wishy-washy rubbish which is mostly rehashed from other vague, wishy-washy rubbish also out there on the internet.

Most people don’t realise just how much help they need.  You probably don’t, and I’m here to give you a steady guiding hand through the essential parts of the process.

It might shock you to learn that:
Almost 50% of dogs bought as puppies or homed from a rescue centre last less than 12 months with their new families.

That’s because people just don’t think carefully about what they are doing, and don’t have this e-course to help them.

These are only some of the reasons you need help with choosing your dog:

  • Do you know the right process for choosing a dog?
  • Do you understand your lifestyle properly?
  • Is that dog right for your climate?
  • How do you know which dog won’t dig up your prized roses?
  • Do you know which dogs will drive you crazy with barking?
  • Do you know which dog types will be easy to train and which won’t?
  • Do you know which are high exercise dogs, and which aren’t?
  • Do you know which dogs which are really difficult to housetrain (housebreak)?
  • Are you choosing a dog which will get along with your kids?
  • How do you know the dog you choose will get along with other pets?
  • Can you pick a dog which gets on well with other dogs?
  • Can you pick a dog that likes people?
  • What do you know about health issues in the breeds?
  • What do you know about health screening for dogs?
  • Do you know which dogs shed less coat, and are truly suitable for people with dog allergies?
  • Are you confident that you can spot a great breeder?
  • Do you know how to screen good rescue centres from ones to avoid?
  • When you come to choose your puppy how do you know it’s healthy?
  • When you come to adopt from a rescue centre, how do you do this with confidence?

There are many more things to consider when you choose a dog.  These are only some of the key questions you need to have asked, and have answered.  It’s vital that you’re really well equipped with all the right information to make your choice a success.

Here’s what can happen when you don’t understand the choice you’re making:

“We had a little Shih Tzu dog.  The kids loved it but the damn thing just wouldn’t housetrain.  Man, we tried everything but even after a year it wasn’t right.  Eventually we had to leave it on the balcony with newspaper down whenever we were out or busy. It was a nightmare. Of course you knew this breed had a housetraining issue – I wish we’d met before I got the dog.”  Ash Goodman, Phillippines

It’s possible that you also ‘don’t know what you don’t know’ – especially if you are a first time owner.  That happened to me with my first dog.

Vanna was a beautiful Doberman we adopted from a dog pound.  The dog pound hadn’t done any checks on her of any kind but just picked her up off the street.  We didn’t know what questions to ask and the pound didn’t offer any help either. We didn’t realise until after we got her home that she was horribly dog aggressive.  Owning her was a stressful nightmare.  We then found out she had a terminal illness, most likely through bad breeding. We only had her for 10 months before she had to be put to sleep because of her illness.

The people who are very successful at choosing their dogs follow a proven process that guarantees success.  They just might not realise they’re doing it.  This e-course gives you an introduction to that process.

Would-be dog owners also get lost in information overload.  Other more experienced owners do too.  It can be hard work separating what’s good advice from what’s not. You need about 20 years real dog experience to know.  So take it from me, the free information on the internet is not going to get you the results you need.

Lesson 1 coursework

Just think about and jot down a note on what bits of the choosing process you think you need help with (and let’s see if I cover these in the rest of the course)

Remember, all of these lessons will be given to you after the course in your free course book.

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