That’s it – Now It’s Up To You!

That’s the end of this course.  Now it’s up to you to do something positive with what you’ve learned.

So what have you learned? All this:

  • why you need help choosing a dog
  • how to avoid some really common mistakes
  • if you’re really ready for a dog
  • whether you can afford one
  • what really suits you
  • how much exercise you’ll honestly do
  • a little bit about dog breeds and where to start
  • thought about shortlisting what’s right
  • how to find good dog breeders
  • tips on finding a good rescue centre
  • dogs for dog allergies (and ones that don’t get hair everywhere)
  • top tips for choosing well at the end

Hopefully you’ve been given some serious food for thought, and a lot more inside information on what makes choosing a dog really successful.

Now you know why so many people get it wrong.

I hope too that you have done all the coursework I asked of you, because this is what is going to make all the difference to you and your dog. If you go into choosing a dog – any dog – and you haven’t done all the planning, then you’ll come away with the wrong choice at the end.

Remember than 50% of all dogs and puppies last less than 12 months with their owners

…..before they are given away, put to sleep, handed to a rescue centre etc.  You want to walk away with a dog that makes your life complete, so if you haven’t done the coursework, please take some time to go through it.  It isn’t in there to make life hard.  In fact it’s there so life with your dog can be easy.

Well that’s the end of this FREE course.  The next move is yours.  You have to put this learning into practice.

My final pieceof advice is – sit on your hands until you’re absolutely sure.  There will always be more dogs, and there will always be more puppies.  You don’t have to dash out and get one this week. Rushing in is what gets everyone else into trouble.

And finally, please tell me what you think!

To a lifetime of joy!

Bev x



This e-course is a superb start to choosing your dog, but it covers less than one tenth of what you really need to know.

After struggling to find the right help and making disastrous mistakes with my own dogs (3 times!), I decided to put my own foolproof system down in a new e-book.  It covers 2000 hours of research and writing, backed up by 18 years of dog ownership and rescue experience – all in a single package.

It also includes accurate profiles of 220 pure breeds of dog, including low allergy dogs (and how to choose one safely), so you have all the breed profiles in one place.

I’m very proud of this book.  It’s got absolutely everything I know packed into it. It gives you a totally unique and robust way of choosing your perfect dog today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.  You will never need anything else to help you choose your dog, no matter what life throws at you.

If I’d had this when I started out all those years ago, I’d have saved myself £5,000.

If you liked this free course, you’ll LOVE the Ultimate Guide To Choosing  A Dog.   There’s going to be a special gift for early birds.  It’s free to find out more, so do it today



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