Secrets To Dog Training By Daniel Stevens (Was SitStayFetch!) – Full Review

A superb resource – the Number 1 dog training guide on the internet today.  I thought it might be useful to give you a quick ‘at a glance’ look at what you get followed by a more detailed review.

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Secrets To Dog Training Overview

Originally also known as ‘Sit Stay Fetch’!  A superb dog training guide used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Over 260 pages of facts, instructions, help and care.  It covers everything you need to know to create a well-behaved dog, or stop any dog behaviour problems you already have. 

This guide is so comprehensive even experienced dog owners can benefit.  It covers all of these things:

  • basic training
  • intermediate and advanced obedience training and ‘tricks’
  • attaining and maintaining alpha status
  • aggression in all shapes and forms, biting, 
  • preventing and handling destructive behavior like digging, chewing and barking, anxiety, coprophagia (poo eating),
  • dog whispering, and understanding how your dog thinks
  • training for owners so you can communicate properly with your dog as well as your dog communicating with you

The basic guide has no less than 10 bonus books included.  But that’s now been added to with a premium upgrade package with even more information including videos. 


Basic Package – 4 stars

Premium package – 5 stars

The basic guide would get 5 stars compared to any normal training e-book, but has been outclassed by the premium package. 

Secrets To Dog Training At A Glance

Secrets to Dog Training Package 

Dog Care & Obedience (over 180 pages)
Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Directions
Detailed Photos to Complement Instructions
Audio Download (can be listened to on your computer or transferred to your iPod)

Plus – Case Studies For The Most Common Dog Problems

Secrets to Dog Training Chapters 
  1. It’s a dog’s life
  2. Dog Care
  3. Dog Training Methods
  4. Understanding your Dog
  5. Solve your Dog Problems
  6. Basic Dog Commands
  7. Dog Whispering
  8. Solve your Dog Problems (more dog problems and solutions)
  9. Advanced Commands
Secrets to Dog Training Bonuses

Bonus 1 – Dealing with Dog Aggression
Bonus 2 – House training / Housebreaking
Bonus 3 – Becoming the Alpha Dog
Bonus 4 – Grooming your Dog
Bonus 5 – Security Training
Bonus 6 – The Ultimate House Training Guide (a special 126 page report by Martin Oliver)
Bonus 7 – Meals and Treats for your Dog (over 150 Recipes)
Bonus 8 – Most FAQ (frequently asked questions)
Bonus 9 – Limited Time e-mail consultation

Secrets to Dog Training Upgrades & Notable Features 
  • Sit Stay Fetch Pro Software
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Dog Training Videos
  • Instant Download
  • 40% Off Regular Purchase Price
  • Premium Upgrade Opportunity
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Cheaper Than 2 Hours With A Dog Trainer    Send article as PDF