Getting Help With Dog Training

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Where to go to get help

It’s really easy to get help with dog training.   Here are the usual ways people do it:

  • Dog trainers : There are lots of very good dog trainers.  However, why shell out lots per hour for this one to one training at the start?  Dog trainers are great if you have a very specialised problem that hasn’t been solved any other way.  There’s so much you can do to teach yourself these skills – at a fraction of the cost.  And only go to a dog trainer when the usual ways have failed.
  • Dog forums : They can give you some help, but many of the replies are not from people who have lived, breathed and worked in professional dog training.  Forums are generally free sources of advice, so that’s good.  However, the tips you pick up might do harm. In fact, it’s pretty certain that some of them do, because a lof of the people on forums are just ordinary folks, some of whom probably know less about dog training than you do.
  • Hard copy books :   There are lots of hard copy books on dog training but buying those is a bit of a lottery, especially if you’re trying to order them online.  If you’re in a shop you can browse the book and get a feel.  But if you aren’t already into dog training it might be difficult to spot which is the best one.
  • E-books and e-videos : These are a great and usually very cheap way of getting started.  The advantage is they can be downloaded to your PC right away.  No waiting.   But again you don’t know which are worth getting.

Which Resources To Choose – Best Buys?

But which to choose?  There are lots of e-books saying they will teach you dog training skills, but how do you know which will?  You don’t.  It’s not easy to tell from a sales page or website.  But if you’re connected into the dog training e-book industry it’s easier to sift the ones which will make a difference.

So here are four great recommendations for you, all of which are personally vetted as Best Buys.  I’ve given a link to more details on each one here so you can decide what’s right for you.

For Puppies, Youngsters, Adults and Oldies Alike.

It doesn’t matter what problem you have, or what age your dog is.  It also doesn’t matter whether you like books or something more visual like DVDs and videos.  All of these great online resources will really solve your problems.   because all of them will:

  • Teach you to train your dog in a matter of days.
  • Teach general obedience training and help you obtain Alpha status with your dog.
  • Help you solve specific problems that bother you, such as potty training, biting, chewing, barking etc.
  • Offer tips & tricks for various situations (dogs with children, with other dogs, in heat, etc.)
  • Be fun for both you and your dog.
  • Bond you and your dog better.
  • Use humane methods only!
  • Offer a true money back guarantee.

It just depends on you which you prefer.  

These are the best resources around.  There are others, but they just don’t meet the high standards required.  These  are personally vetted (pardon the pun) and I never recommend anything I don’t fully believe in myself.

So follow this link for the Top Picks For Dog Training – Online Resources

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