Dogs Need Rules – And You Are The Rule Maker

Dogs need rules

Many dogs don’t need in-depth training from a dog trainer.  As soon as you begin to apply the basic rules, you’ll be surprised how quickly a ‘bad’ dog turns into a lovely one.   Dogs are a lot smarter that you give them credit for.  You just have to start learning the right methods, showing them the rules, taking the lead and being consistent.

Dogs want rules.  They need rules.  In a wild pack, the pack only survives because of the rules.  So in most cases you’re pushing at an open door.

And you can make this ‘fun’ time, not a chore, so you and your dog both look forward to it.  It is so rewarding to have a well trained dog.  As soon as you see the methods working you will both begin to have fun and enjoy it.

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If you get the right dog, the training is easy!  A dog that’s on your wavelength makes it quicker, easier and cheaper to do the training that one who isn’t. 

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Training yourself saves money

That’s both kinds of training:

  • training yourself to do the training by using the best online resources and dog training books
  • training the dog yourself rather than pay someone else

If you intend to have dogs for the rest of your life, teaching yourself these skills will save you a lot of money in the long run.

But It Does Take A Little Time

Once you’ve tried these skills, and stuck with them for a good long while,  if they still haven’t worked then seek some one to one help from a professional dog trainer.  Because then you will know the problems are deeper-seated and require more work.

However remember that training takes time.  Some issues might be solved quickly, but some won’t.  If your dog has spent 12 months or more learning bad habits they probably won’t be cured overnight!  Repetition and consistency are the keys.  Just keep working away calmly and patiently.  But remember that other people have already solved these problems for you and I’ll come on to that in a minute with some great recommendations.

You Are The Rule Maker!

Dogs do not come pre-programmed.  They are like children.  You have to teach them what to do.  But as every new parent knows – a baby does not come with an instruction manual!  So you have to make a lot of mistakes with the first one.  It’s just the same with your dog!

But even people who have had dogs before know there is always something more to learn about dog training.  Many people who have had dogs for years  still don’t know enough because they’ve picked it up in bits and pieces. 

So you need some instructions on what to do that:

  • you can follow easily
  • you and your dog enjoy, and
  • get results – fast!

And I’ve just the thing for you because I’m personally reviewing the top online ways of training your dog.  These are proven resources that are the best in class.

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