Dog Training

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Everyone needs a dog training book

Everyone with a dog needs a good dog training book.  Here’s why:
  • Dogs don’t come pre-programmed.  You have to teach them how you want them to behave.  If you teach them all the wrong things, or nothing at all, its a lot of work to undo the bad stuff.
  • Using the wrong training methods can scare or even harm your dog. 
  • You want training to be a fun, rewarding experience.  A good training book can show you how to bond and have fun with your dog, and learn great things together!
  • You want a dog which is a joy to live with and doesn’t embarrass you at home or in front of other people
  • You want a dog that’s safe – around people, other dogs, maybe also cats and livestock
  • Once you’ve learned the skills you have them for life
  • If you get different breeds or types of dog you can dip in and out of the book depending on what you need.  All dogs are different and they all need different training styles.
  • It’s a lot cheaper than hiring a dog trainer for one to one sessions after things have gone badly wrong.

Problems you get if you don’t train your dog

Here are just some of the problems you’ll get without a good dog training book:

Barking, lunging, pulling on the lead, biting and aggressiveness, territory marking, peeing and pooing in the house, digging up carpets, chewing furniture, territory defending, chasing and even killing cats/other dogs/livestock, poor car traveller.

And here are some of the impacts of a poorly trained dog on your life

Stress from having your walks spoiled by bad behaviour and getting your arm ripped out of its sockets from pulling on the lead.

Being unable to stay with your dog with friends or family

Friends and family refusing to come to your house any more

Not being able to go on holiday because dog sitters, dog boarders and kennels refuse to take your dog

Embarrassment at your dog’s behaviour

Bills for spoiled and soiled hotel rooms if you stay away with your dog

Ruined household possessions sometimes at extensive cost because your insurer won’t cover them

Expensive lawsuits for dangerous and out of control dog behaviour

And lots more.

So you need some instructions that:

  • you can follow easily
  • you and your dog enjoy, and
  • get results – fast!

So on the next page you get all the help you need.  The top picks of e-books and online resources for training your dog.  Click for Top Picks For Online Dog Training Resources    Send article as PDF