Dog Breed Books

If think you’ve spotted your ideal dog breed, that’s GREAT!

However, dog breed profiles only tell you about the dog, not who you should get it from or how to protect yourself when you do.

The lifetime cost of a dog is a staggering £20,000! ($25,000!) or equivalent. If you’re spending this much, please protect your investment.

Get the best breeder or rescue centre on your side.

Learn the number 1 secret to choosing a dog and 16 essential steps to getting it right FIRST!

Dog breed e-books

Handpicked for you, these are E-books written by experts in the breed to save you time, effort and money.  They are instant downloadable online e-books with lots of  great bonuses!  Get them immediately with no waiting.

More breeds are being added! Just click on the link to find out more.

Bichon Frise – Everything About The Bichon Frise, by Sharda Lewis

Boston Terrier – Boston Terrier Secrets, by Abhik Sarkar

Boxer – Boxer Dog Secrets, by Bryan Kinnear

The English Bulldog (health guide)  – English Bulldog Health, by Jan Oswald

Chihuahua – The Ultimate Chihuahua Care Handbook, by Michael Warren

German Shepherd or Alsatian (1) – Your Total German Shepherd Dog: A Pet Owner’s Guide, by Debbie Ray

German Shepherd or Alsatian (2) – German Shepherd Handbook : The Complete Guide, by Michael Tapscott

Golden Retriever – Golden Retrievers : Everything You Need To Know, by Gina Read

Great Dane – Great Dane Secrets! by Charlie Lafave

Japanese Akita – The Akita, Everything You Need To Know, by Michael Bean

Labradoodle – The Definitive Guide to Labradoodles, by Edie MacKenzie

Mastiff – Mastiff Mastery : Complete Guide

Miniature Pinscher – The Afficionado’s A-Z Guide to The Miniature Pinscher, by Taylor Coburn

Pit Bull Terrier – Pit Bulls Revealed : The Complete Guide to Owning and Raising a Pitbull Terrier

Shiba Inu – Love Your Shiba: The Only Book on Shiba’s You’ll Ever Need

Shi Tzu – The Essential Shi Tzu Guide, by Chris Boshoff

Springer Spaniel – The Springer Spaniel Companion : A Complete Guide, by Phil Marks

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