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Quick Dog Training Tips – Using A Tether System

Are visits from friends and relatives are being turned into a mad dog fest by an over-enthusiastic mutt? Introducing the tether system as a temporary training aid to overcome the problem. It’s not difficult to ‘install’. All you need then is patience and consistency to complete your dog’s transformation.

Quick Dog Training Tips – Nipping And Biting

Do you have a dog which still play nips and play bites even though it’s grown up? Play nipping is a nuisance and can get out of hand, plus reduce your circle of friends! So here’s a quick tip for handling play biting and nipping (mouthing) at home.

Quick Dog Training Tips – Dealing With Jumping Up

Do you have a dog that jumps up at people? Well this very quick dog training tip from a friend of mine might solve your problems quickly and humanely. It worked on her Whippet, so why not give it a go?

Training Dogs To Live With Cats

It’s very important to socialise your dog with cats even if you don’t have one.  That way you can go to other places with cats – friends houses, pubs/bars, hotels, vets (you will need to do that occasionally of only for vaccinations!) – and know that your dog will be well behaved. I have ex-racing greyhounds as part of my ‘pack’.