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Panic over my old dog with bad teeth!

This post is about the panic we had over my old dog with bad teeth. One of the things you need to consider when choosing a dog (yes, even before you GET a dog) is that if there is an incovenient time to do something, they’ll find it.

Dog Homeopathy And Alternative Therapies – Bowen Massage

Bowen Massage, or Bowen Technique as it is also called, is a really cool way of helping your dog heal after injury. Let me tell you about Holly’s accident, and how she went from death’s door to full recovery in just 6 weeks with a homeopathic vet.

Dog Equipment Tips – Collar Width And Collar Fitting

A badly designed and badly fitted collar is almost as bad as no collar at all. I see lots of dogs out walking whose collars are way too thin for their neck or badly fitted so they could easily pull out. Protect your dog! Find out how to make sure you have a good collar and a good fit.

Can You Afford It? Budgeting For Your Dog

Too many people jump into choosing a dog and forget how much it’ll cost to care for. They then end up having to rehome it because the money just doesn’t stretch far enough. Buying is the least important cost you’ll face. Make sure you cover these basics.

My Poorly Dog and Pet Insurance

How an incident with Kylah, my lurcher, leads onto an important poing about taking out pet insurance