Welsh Terrier


Welshies are energetic, alert, inquisitive, loyal and devoted to their families. The more exercise he gets the better he will behave. They bond very closely with their families, and enjoy games with children. They are robust and will stand their ground if challenged.

Minimum Exercise:

Exercise/Activity Level: High. Will require around 2 hours a day in two walks, plus playing some energetic ball or frisbee games. They love to swim. They require a securely and high fenced garden to stop them going in search of prey. They love to dig so the more exercise outside the home, the better. Agility, flyball and other activities are recommended.

Size: 14-15 inches

Weight: 20-22lbs

Colour: Tan and black

Town or Country: Preferably country, or urban fringe with good country access.

Low Allergy:

Best Suited for: Active households with moderate living space and a secure garden, including people who jog and cycle or will enjoy activities to keep the Welshie stimulated mentally and physically, and who can show strong leadership.

Group: Terrier

Originally From: Wales (UK)

Original Purpose: Working. Hunting otter, fox and badger

Living Space: Low indoors. Medium to high outdoors – depends on exercise given outside the home.

Coat: Short to medium, harsh and wiry

Grooming: Medium. As pets clipping is usual. Some plucking of dead hair is recommended. Most owners have them professionally groomed about every 3 months. Regular grooming will prevent skin complications, especially around their ears and eyes.

Children: High. Welsh Terriers do well with older children as they are patient and always ready for a game but they can be too possessive of their toys and food to be around young children.

Sociability with strangers: Medium to low. Wary and make good watchdogs.

Sociability with animals or other dogs: Medium. Generally fine with other family dogs and cats if socialised early. However, outdoors they won’t back down if challenged by other strange dogs and they have a high prey drive towards all small creatures including strange cats. Happiest as an only dog with human company.

Trainability: Welsh Terriers are intelligent and can be trained to compete in sports such as agility and flyball. They have a strong independent streak and will take advantage of their families unless they are confident and consistent about applying the household rules.

Noise Level: Not known

Known Health Issues: Some blood lines have shown inherited diseases like epilepsy, glaucoma, skin allergies and hypothyroidism (low thyroid).

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Special Needs: Neutering male non-show dogs will prevent territory marking (indoors) and reduce any aggressive tendencies. Check with your vet regarding any special needs for flea treatment because of the coat thickness. Manmade fibre can cause ear and chest infections, therefore it is best to use cotton bedding

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