Standard Poodle

black standard poodle - six years old - isolated on white

Very intelligent – one of the smartest dog breeds. lively, good natured, friendly, proud, athletic, affectionate and extremely loyal. This is a thinking dog.

Minimum Exercise:

Exercise/Activity Level: High. Needs a lot of exercise and free running to let off steam. 2 hours per day, easily more. Loves to swim and anything athletic – agility, flyball and field sports.

Size: Medium to large. 16-24 inches

Weight: 45-65 lbs

Colour: Wide variety including black, white, cream, tan and particolour

Town or Country: Country or urban fringe with access to the country

Low Allergy: Yes

Best Suited for: Active, outdoorsy, country households with lots of space, who would love to harness this dog’s great intelligence with lots of training and fun and energetic ‘sports’.

Group: Utility/non-sporting

Originally From: Unknown – but used in Germany in the 1600s as a duck retriever

Original Purpose: Working. Duck retriever

Living Space: High – indoors and out. Large fenced garden is a must.

Coat: Short, soft, curly.

Grooming: Medium to high. As pets the coat is usually clipped short to minimise grooming. Should be washed fairly frequently as their coats get greasy and should be trimmed every 6 weeks or so. Remember to check the teeth frequently for tartar build-up and hand pluck excessive hair growing inside the ears.

Children: High. Loves people and bonds extremely well. The standard poodle is great with older or more robust children.

Sociability with strangers: High if socialised early

Sociability with animals or other dogs: High if socialised early

Trainability: High. Very smart, loves to learn. Does extremely well at obedience, agility, etc.

Noise Level: Medium – will announce visitors by barking and make a good watch dog.

Known Health Issues: Most common are bloat and a skin disease (sebaceous adenitis). Other known are hip dysplasia, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, eye disease (cataracts, glaucoma) and Von Wilhelm's Disease. Poodle buyers should ask to see both parents’ hip dysplasia screening results as well as eye testing results. Also ask about bloat, VWD and skin diseases in the breeding line.

Lifespan: 10-12 years

Special Needs:

There are three varieties of poodle.  This profile is for the standard poodle.    Send article as PDF