Portuguese Water Dog


A medium to large working dog. Happy, lively, affectionate and bonds very well with humans. Very pleasant and stable temperament. An exceptionally loyal dog, very devoted to all family members. Loves to swim therefore not for the houseproud.

Minimum Exercise:

Exercise/Activity Level: High. This is dog bred to work. They require 2 hours a day, probably more. Exuberant and bouncy. Needs free running to let off steam and preferably plenty of swimming. Will love agility and field sports.

Size: 17-23 inches

Weight: 35-55lbs

Colour: Black, black and white, liver/chocolate, tan and cream

Town or Country: Country

Low Allergy: Yes

Best Suited for: Highly active, sporty and country families, singles and couples who live near water, want a thinking dog, and think grooming and training is excellent bonding time.

Group: Working

Originally From: Portugal

Original Purpose: Working. Herding fish into fishermans nets

Living Space: High. Large fenced garden is a must.

Coat: Long curly single coat that does not shed

Grooming: High. Hair grows constantly, like human hair. Requires trimming at least every 2 months, especially around the eyes to keep them clear. Coat needs brushing at least once every 2 days.

Children: High. Great with children.

Sociability with strangers: High if socialised early. Does tend to bond with one family member.

Sociability with animals or other dogs: High

Trainability: High. Requires mental stimulation as well as physical. However the working heritage means this is a dog that can think for themselves. So while they are eager to please, they can also sometimes out think their owners.

Noise Level: Low to medium. Is alert to strangers and will bark to tell you, but otherwise is a relatively low-noise dog.

Known Health Issues: GM1 gangliosidosis (storage disease), cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), hip dysplasia.

Lifespan: 10-14 years

Special Needs: Is known to leap up at people. Will also stand on hind legs and ‘counter surf’ kitchen surfaces. Early training required to overcome this.

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