Lagotto Romagnolo


A medium sized, sturdy water dog. Lively, affectionate and intelligent. Makes a good watch dog and a great companion, loving human company. A strongly working breed with high energy and keen senses. Likes to be kept mentally and physically stimulated. They love swimming. Not for the houseproud.

Minimum Exercise:

Exercise/Activity Level: High. They are bred to work and need a lot of exercise. 2 hours or more a day. They love swimming and to play fetch. Field sports and water retrieving activities would be beneficial.

Size: 16-19 inches

Weight: 24-35lbs


Town or Country: Does best in the country - not a town dog

Low Allergy: Yes

Best Suited for: Country dwelling, highly active, outdoorsy households, who relish the idea of having fun with field sports, would prefer a protective guarding dog and where someone is around for much of the day. Maybe ok for the right first time owners.

Group: Gundog

Originally From: Italy

Original Purpose: Working. Duck hunter and retriever, truffle finder

Living Space: Medium indoors. High outdoors.

Coat: Thick, woolly, curly, waterproof

Grooming: Medium. The coat will get matted easily and the mats should carefully be pulled apart without tearing the coat. They must be cut down at least once every year. Trim to 1.5 inches over the body for lower maintenance. Trim hair on outer ears, but only in ear canal if there is a build up of wax. Also keep eyes clear of hair.

Children: High. Get along well with children if socialised from an early age.

Sociability with strangers: Low. Territorial and may take some time to adjust to visitors.

Sociability with animals or other dogs: High. Get along well with other pets if socialised early.

Trainability: High. Very eager to please. Loves to learn and be stimulated. Especially suited to field sports and retrieving training. Must be trained from day 1.

Noise Level: High, especially as a puppy. Makes a good guard dog. Vocal when strangers are near the home.

Known Health Issues: Cataracts

Lifespan: 11-12 years

Special Needs: May suffer separation anxiety Tends to do well as an only dog because they require human companionship above all else.    Send article as PDF