Kerry Blue Terrier

the Kerry blue terrier

A medium-sized dog. Fast, strong and intelligent. Highly spirited and good with children. Loyal and affectionate. Stubborn and strong minded.

Minimum Exercise:

Exercise/Activity Level: Medium to high. 1.5 hours a day, but will take much more. Will adapt to town living if given enough free running to let off steam properly. Large fenced garden preferable.

Size: 18-19 inches

Weight: 33-37lbs

Colour: Blue – dark grey through to pale steel

Town or Country: Both, but best in country

Low Allergy: Yes

Best Suited for: Active families with children, singles or couples, who are prepared to invest time in training and social skills, and would like a protective watch dog. Not recommended for first time owners.

Group: Terrier

Originally From: Ireland

Original Purpose: Working. A multi-purpose dog in 19th century Ireland. These Terriers were used for guarding, fighting, herding and hunting. Today they are used as show dogs, watchdogs and family pets

Living Space: Medium indoors, preferably high outdoors.

Coat: Short to medium, thick, soft, curly

Grooming: Medium to high. They can be bathed regularly using mild shampoo, and the coat needs to be brushed through to prevent it from knotting. They need to be clipped and scissored every two or three months. Excess hair should be removed regularly from the ear passages. The hair between the pads of the feet should also be trimmed regularly.

Children: High (own children)

Sociability with strangers: Low to medium. Makes a good guard dog. They do not tend to like strangers. Can even bite strangers.

Sociability with animals or other dogs: Low to medium. Needs very good early socialisation. However will stand their ground if challenged and can be aggressive.

Trainability: Low to medium. Kerries are intelligent, self-confident and can be stubborn. Therefore they do need firm handling. Needs lots of positive and reinforced, consistent training for the first 2 years.

Noise Level: Medium to high as a result of past work as a guard dog.

Known Health Issues: Low thyroid, eye and cancer problems. prone to eye problems such as dry eyes, cataracts and entropion (eyelids that turn inwards). Cysts, cancerous growths and extra thick hairs which become almost like spikes (spiculosis).

Lifespan: 13-15 years

Special Needs: Watch for any aggressive tendencies in litter parents.

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