Also known as the Bichon Bolognese. A small, white, compact and square little dog. A relatively long haired breed. Intelligent and companionable. Very similar in many respects to the Bichon Frise. It is classed as a rare breed. Bright, intelligent little dogs that form a close bond with their owners. Good for first time owners.

Minimum Exercise:

Exercise/Activity Level: Low. Half an hour a day would be enough.

Size: 10-12 inches to shoulder

Weight: 8-12 lbs

Colour: White

Town or Country: Both but especially suited to town and city living. Make good apartment dogs.

Low Allergy: Yes

Best Suited for: A city or town family with older or respectful children, or singles and couples, all with limited home space, low to moderate time for exercise and where someone is around for much of the day. First time dog owners.

Group: Toy

Originally From: Malta and Italy

Original Purpose: Companion

Living Space: Low, indoors and outdoors.

Coat: Long, soft and curly/wavy.

Grooming: High. Needs to be brushed every day with special attention paid to stomach, behind ears and legs. Hair must be regularly removed from ear canals and between foot pads. Requires regular professional grooming.

Children: High. Gets on well with them.

Sociability with strangers: Medium to low. Can be reserved with strangers and will bark.

Sociability with animals or other dogs: High

Trainability: High. A companion dog which is intelligent and loves to please.

Noise Level: Medium. Will bark to alert owners to strangers and anything new.

Known Health Issues:

Lifespan: 9-15 years

Special Needs: Intense bonding can cause separation anxiety. Will need early training to overcome this.    Send article as PDF