Airedale Terrier


A large, muscular and active terrier. Energetic, alert and outgoing. Fearless, but not aggressive. Has a generally sweet temperament with people, but will stand up for itself when challenged. Robust and requires strong leadership to make the best of it. Not a good choice for a first time dog owner.

Minimum Exercise:

Exercise/Activity Level: High – this is an energetic outdoor breed designed to hunt and work. As an adult will prefer at least 2 hours per day and free running to let off steam. Will chase wild prey instinctively.

Size: Large – 22 to 25 inches to the shoulder

Weight: 40-55lbs

Colour: Tan and black

Town or Country: Country breed - high exercise needs. Not suited for towns.

Low Allergy: Yes

Best Suited for: An active family, or active singles and couples who live in the country, would like a protective dog, and can give the exercise, social skills and leadership this breed requires. Best with experienced dog owners.

Group: Terrier

Originally From: North England

Original Purpose: Working. Firstly a badger, otter and rat hunter. Also used as a wartime guard, messenger, rodent control and hunting birds and game. Also a police dog.

Living Space: High – indoor and outdoor, due to lively nature.

Coat: Wiry, rough and thick with a soft undercoat

Grooming: High – coat requires regular brushing and stripping

Children: High, though should be watched with small children as it can play rough.

Sociability with strangers: Medium to low – this breed can be wary of strangers and can make a good watch or guard dog.

Sociability with animals or other dogs: Medium. Generally ok with other dogs, but some can be known to fight. Early and widespread socialisation is very important.

Trainability: Likes to be kept interested and entertained. Trainable, but requires firm handling, especially as puppies. Requires a clear ‘alpha’ pack leader and will dominate submissive dogs or family members.

Noise Level: Will bark to alert owners to strangers, or danger

Known Health Issues: Hardy breed – occasional hip problems and skin infections.

Lifespan: 11-14 years

Special Needs: none

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