Bev’s Dogs Past And Present

Here’s a brief run-down of all my dogs over the years.

Dog past

The mistakes
  • Vanna – a beautiful Doberman adopted from a local dog pound. A  dog with serious personality, aggression and health problems. 10 months after adoption she lost control of her back legs and bowels, and was put to sleep.
  • Spider – A stunning brindle crossbreed from a local dog rescue, supposedly ‘cat friendly’.  After 4 days he tried to eat one of the cats and had to be returned.  I cried buckets of tears.
  • Segou – had a deep distrust of people from puppyhood.  After 10 months of hard work, and five bitten people later, I admitted defeat.   He  escaped from his breeder’s garden and was killed by a car.
The good choices
  • Missy  – Missy was a beautiful, small fawn greyhound, rescued from certain death after being abandoned.  She was cat friendly, sheep friendly and always smiling.  She introduced us to the best in dog ownership. Missy died at just 8 years old.
  • Jess – Jess was greyhound, border collie and bearded collie mix.  She was 6 years old when adopted, and bouncing like a jack-in-the-box!  Many’s the time we would come home to find she had been up to mischief with the free newspaper, or something equally shreddable. We lost Jess just after her 14th birthday.
  • JJ (Dumurry John Jo) – A racing greyhound who failed to race!  Initially extremely nervous, he blossomed into a complete clown. He had a huge sense of humour and made us laugh all the time. JJ died after losing his battle with arthritis in 2008.
  • Holly (Witches Holly) – Holly was a very pretty greyhound and a a delight to own.  Happy, smiling, affectionate and outgoing – everyone fell in love with Holly.  She went with my ex-husband in our divorce and I missed her terribly.
  • Jamal – A big fawn dog and 11 months old when he came to us for foster care.  He was homed, returned for stupid reasons and stayed for good.   It took 12 months of training to stop him nipping joggers’ bottoms! He went to my ex-husband in our divorce, and I missed him terribly too.
  • Vinnie – An extremely nervous greyhound boy who chose to come home with me. Vinnie was terrified of everything – strangers, kids, loud noises and sudden movements.  But he was the sweetest, most loving and least trouble dog I have ever owned.  He lost his battle with arthritis in September 2013, aged 13 years.
  • Blue – A big muscle-bound lump of a greyhound with a soft, kind heart.   He was forever tripping over things or falling through fences. Blue developed a spine tumour which was undiagnosed until it was too late.
Fostering and homing

I spent 3 years with Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue. I helped to train and socialise abandoned dogs so they could find permanent, loving homes.  I also ran the information stand at dog shows and the mail order merchandise.

Dog present


My first puppy, Kylah is a mix of greyhound, border collie, staffordshire bull terrier and bedlington terrier.  She is full of life, dominant and extremely fun to own!  She developed a heart condition but it doesn’t slow her down at all.

A worthy successor to my lurcher Jess, Kylah is my doggy soulmate.


Arwen is unbelievably cute and sweet.  She loves everyone and everything but she is a terror outdoors and the most costly dog I have ever had.  She cost me £2,000 in vets bills in 2 years for cut feet, and cut everywhere else.  She has had more stitches and operations than most of my other dogs put together!


Pip is a sweet, bouncy but very naughty rescue dog.  He’s a saluki x whippet and needs a LOT of exercise and training.  Pip has made great strides since he came to us, but is definitely a work in progress!

What next?

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