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Welcome to the All Breeds list.  If you have to have a pure breed, there’s sure to be one here for you!

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Breed Size Exercise Town, Country or Both (T/C/B) Suitable For 1st Time Owners
Affenpinscher S 1 Hour B Y
Afghan Hound L C M
Airedale Terrier L C N
Akita (Japanese Akita) L 2 Hours C N
Alaskan Malamute L C
American Cocker Spaniel M B
American Foxhound M C
American Hairless Terrier M B Y
American Water Spaniel M C
Anatolian Shepherd Dog L C
Australian Cattle Dog M C
Australian Shepherd M C
Australian Terrier S B Y
Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher M C
Azawakh M B
Basenji S B
Basset Bleu De Gascogne M C
Basset Fauve De Bretagne M C
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grande) M C
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit) M B
Basset Hound M B
Bavarian Mountain Hound M C
Beagle M B
Bearded Collie M B
Beauceron L C
Bedlington Terrier M B M
Bergamasco M C
Bernese Mountain Dog L B
Bichon Frise S T Y
Black And Tan Coonhound L C
Bloodhound L C
Bolognese S T Y
Border Collie M C
Border Terrier S B Y
Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) L B
Boston Terrier S T
Bouvier Des Flandres L C N
Boxer M B
Bracco Italiano – Italian Pointer L C
Briard L C
Bull Mastiff
Cairn Terrier S B M
Canaan Dog M B
Canadian Eskimo Dog L C
Cane Corso L C
Cardigan Welsh Corgi M B
Catalan Sheepdog M C
Caucasian Sheepdog L C
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel S T
Central Asian Sheepdog – Central Asian Ovtcharka L C
Chesapeake Bay Retriever M C
Chihuahua S T
Chinese Crested (Hairless Variety) S T Y
Chow Chow M B
Cirneco Dell Etna M B
Clumber Spaniel M B
Coton de Tulear S T Y
Croatian Sheepdog or Croatian Shepherd Dog M C
Curly Coated Retriever L C
Czech Wolfdog – Cesky Vlcak M C
Dachshund – Miniature S B
Dachshund – Standard
Dalmatian M C
Dandie Dinmont Terrier S B Y
Danish Broholmer L C
Deerhound or Scottish Deerhound L C
Doberman or Doberman Pinscher L B
Dogo Argentino – Argentinian Mastiff L C
Dogue De Bordeaux L B
Dutch Shepherd M C
Dutch Smoushound M B
Elkhound – Norwegian Elkhound M B
English Bull Terrier M B
English Bulldog M B
English Cocker Spaniel M B
English Mastiff L B
English Pointer M C
English Setter L C
English Springer Spaniel M B
Estrela Mountain Dog L C
Eurasier or Eurasian M B
Field Spaniel M C
Fila Brasileiro – Brazilian Mastiff L C
Finnish Lapphund M B
Finnish Spitz M B
Flat Coat Retriever M C
Fox Terrier (Wire Haired only) M C N
Foxhound – English Foxhound M C
French Bulldog S T
Galgo Espagnol – Spanish Greyhound M C
German Longhaired Pointer M C
German Shepherd – Alsatian L C
German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) M C
German Spitz – Klein (Small) S T
German Spitz – Mittel (Medium) M B
German Wirehaired Pointer M C
Giant Schnauzer L C
Glen of Imaal Terrier S B M
Golden Retriever M B
Gordon Setter L C
Great Dane (German Mastiff) L 2 Hours B
Greenland Dog L C
Greyhound L B Y
Griffon Bruxellois S T
Groenendahl (Belgian Sheepdog) M C
Hairless Khala M B N
Hamiltonstovare – Hamilton Hound M C
Havanese S T Y
Hovawart M B
Hungarian Puli S B Y
Ibizan Hound L C
Irish (Soft-Coated) Wheaten Terrier M B Y
Irish Red And White Setter L C
Irish Setter or Red Setter L C
Irish Terrier M B N
Irish Water Spaniel L C M
Irish Wolfhound L B
Italian Greyhound S B
Jack Russell Terrier S C
Japanese Chin S T
Japanese Spitz S B
Karst Sheepdog M C
Keeshond M B
Kelpie or Australian Kelpie M C
Kerry Blue Terrier M B N
King Charles Spaniel S T
Komondor L C N
Kooikerhondje M B
Korean Jindo M B
Korthals Griffon or Wirehaired Pointing Griffon L C
Kuvasz or Hungarian Kuvasz L C
Labrador Retriever M B
Laekenois (Belgian Sheepdog) M C
Lagotto Romagnolo M C M
Lakeland Terrier S B M
Lakeland Terrier S B
Lakeland Trail Hound M C
Lancashire Heeler or Ormskirk Heeler M B
Landseer L B
Large Munsterlander L C
Leonberger L B
Lhasa Apso S T Y
Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) S T Y
Magyar Agar or Hungarian Greyhound L B
Malinois (Belgian Sheepdog) M C
Maltese Dog S T Y
Manchester Terrier S B
Maremma Sheepdog L C
Miniature Pinscher S B
Miniature Poodle M B
Miniature Schnauzer S T
Moroccan Aidi M C
Mudi M C
Neapolitan Mastiff L B
Newfoundland L B
Norfolk Terrier S B Y
Norwegian Buhund M B
Norwich Terrier S B Y
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever M B
Old English Sheepdog L B
Otterhound L C
Papillon or ‘Butterfly Dog’ S T
Patterdale Terrier S B
Pekingese S T
Pembroke Welsh Corgi M B
Perro De Presa Mallorquin – Mallorcan Bulldog M C
Peruvian Inca Orchid (Hairless) M B M
Pharaoh Hound M C
Picardy Sheepdog or Berger Picard M C
Podengo or Portuguese Podengo M B
Polish Mountain Dog – Polish Tatra Sheepdog – Owczarek Podhalanski L C
Pomeranian S T
Portuguese Cattle Dog or Cao de Castro Laboreiro M C
Portuguese Sheepdog or Cao Da Serra De Aires M C
Portuguese Water Dog L C Y
Pug S T
Pumi M B
Pyrenean Mountain Dog or Great Pyrenees L C
Pyrenean Shepherd Dog or Berger Des Pyrenees M C
Rhodesian Ridgeback L C
Rottweiler L B
Rough Collie – The ‘Lassie’ Dog M B
Russian Black Terrier L B M
Saarloos Wolfhound L C
Saluki L B
Samoyed M B
Schapendoes or Dutch Sheepdog M B
Schipperke S B
Schnauzer – Standard M B
Sealyham Terrier S B Y
Segugio Italiano or Italian Hound M C
Shar Pei M B
Shetland Sheepdog or Sheltie M B
Shiba Inu – Japanese Shiba Inu S B
Shih Tzu S T Y
Siberian Husky M C
Skye Terrier S B
Sloughi or Arabian Greyhound M C
Slovak Cuvac or Slovak Chuvach L C
Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer L C
Small Munsterlander M C
Smooth Collie M C
Smooth Fox Terrier M C
Southern Russian Sheepdog or Southern Russian Ovcharka L C
Spanish Mastiff or Mastin Espanol L C
Spanish Water Dog L C M
Spinone or Italian Spinone L B
St Bernard L B
Staffordshire Bull Terrier M B
Standard Pinscher or German Pinscher M B
Standard Poodle L C Y
Sussex Spaniel M C
Swedish Lapphund M C
Swedish Vallhund or Swedish Cattle Dog M B
Swiss Mountain Dog or Greater Swiss L C
Tibetan Mastiff L C
Tibetan Spaniel S B
Tibetan Terrier S B
Toy Fox Terrier or American Toy Terrier S T
Toy Manchester Terrier or English Toy Terrier S T
Toy Poodle S T
Turvueren (Belgian Sheepdog) M C
Vizla or Hungarian Vizla M C
Weimeraner L C
Welsh Springer Spaniel
Welsh Terrier M C
West Highland White Terrier S B
Whippet M B
Xoloitxcuintle – Mexican Hairless L B
Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) S T