About Bev

I can help you choose your dog for a lifetime of joy quickly, simply and without worry.  Take 2 minutes to find out why (or just skip to the free course).

I love dogs.  They’ve always been in my life. My grandfather had a little cross breed called Penny and when I was 10 years old my parents bought Winston and Shula, our Cavalier King Charles spaniels.  They were all perfect family dogs and a delight to own.

When I was 28 years old I felt ready to have a dog of my own.   It was a disaster because I didn’t know what I was doing.  My first dog was a stray, with terrible aggression and health problems.

Wiould you believe I actually managed to choose 3 unsuitable dogs, not just one?  It cost me £5,000, and 2 years of my life to learn how not to choose a dog.  It broke my heart as well as emptying my bank account, so I decided I would never make those mistakes again.

I created ‘my system’

I researched every dog breed.  I visited every rescue centre.  I did volunteer rescue work.  I talked to dog breeders.  I went on the internet.  I bought several dog breed books and learned everything possible. I decided exactly what characteristics my dog needed to have to suit me. I worked out how much money I needed to buy or adopt it and look after it.  I worked out how to choose the right place to get my dog from.

And when I used it, this system made choosing a dog simple.

If you follow this system, it works. It does not matter how old you are, where you live, whether you have children or have a dog allergy. It does not matter if you never had a dog before. It helps you even if you did. It works if you want an adult dog, rescue dog or a puppy from a breeder.

I want to help you shortcut all the problems I had and go straight to the perfect dog.  Start today by claiming your FREE e-course on Choosing A Dog




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