Natural Dog Remedies – Personal Recommendations

Here are my top picks of great products and services to help heal or treat your dog at home.

My Usual Top Tips

My usual starting point for dog stress problems like nervousness, snappishness, defensive aggression has been to recommend two products:

  1. Bach Rescue Remedy, and
  2. Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) diffuser
Bach Rescue Remedy

This was designed for humans but works just as well on dogs, and cats, and probably horses.  It is a combination of 7 plant and flower extracts which have soothing and calming properties.  It was always my first ‘port of call’ for rescue dogs that I fostered.

Rescue Remedy comes in a little bottle of solution and all you do is add 2 drops to your dog’s water bowl every time you refill it.  (If you have other dogs with no issues they won’t be affected.  It just works on the dog with the problem.)

The reasons I like this so much are:

  1. It costs next to nothing – just a few pounds or dollars
  2. It lasts for ages – one bottle can last you 3 months
  3. It’s totally natural and proven safe
  4. It really works
  5. It works right into your dog’s body, into all the cells, especially the brain
  6. You can have your dog on it for life if necessary

My recommendation is usually to use all the first bottle and then see if the old behaviours reappear.  If they do, just keep using it.  JJ, one of my greyhounds (RIP) was loopy and he was on it for 6 years until he was too old to bother any more!

I’ve seen changes in behaviour with rescue dogs in just a few days using Bach Rescue Remedy.  It is always the first thing I recommend.  Buy it online in its original and best formula by clicking this link Bach Rescue Remedy Value Pack

Books on Bach remedies

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals – Helen Graham

Helen has written a wonderful book on how to use Bach Flower remedies for animals.  These remedies work on dogs, cats, horses, you name it!  Here’s just one of the published customer reviews:

“very comprehensive and highly informative, enjoyable to read, great cross reference and index, covers many species, gives details on indications for use and what to expect. Flowere essences can give be an effective solution for many pet owners who are struggling with behavioral problems Highly recommended ******”

Buy this excellent book online by clicking this link Bach Flower Remedies for Animals

Encyclopaedia of Bach Flower Therapy – Mechthild Scheffer

A must for anyone who want to know more about Bach remedies in a wider sense.  This book was written about the remedies and their original use for people.  It’s a fascinating book for anyone who wants to know much more about the remedies and how they work – and use them for the whole family.

Here’s an extract from one of the customer reviews:

“I received this book for Christmas and I have nearly worn out the pages already! It is truly awesome, and I might venture to say – maybe the only one you need.”

Buy this excellent book online by clicking this link The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy

Dog Appeasing Pheromone Diffuser

A great product which emits a ‘happy dog’ signal into the air.  All you do it plug it in to an electrical socket like you would with a plug in air freshener.  These last for 6-8 weeks in an average room.

The reasons I like this are:

  1. It’s almost instantly calming
  2. It’s cheaper than veterinary drugs (but not as cheap as Rescue Remedy)
  3. You can’t smell it
  4. It’s especially good for one-off stresses like the firework season – Thanksgiving, Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night, New Year, Diwali – or moving house

If you’re using it for fireworks, plug in a couple of weeks before the fireworks start.

And the great thing is you can use this DAP diffuser and the Bach Rescue Remedy together.

Buy the DAP Pheromone Diffuser

DAP Pheromone Diffuser Starter Pack For Dogs DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser (48 mL)

DAP Best Cost Refills 3 PACK D.A.P. Dog Appeasing Pheromone REFILL (144mL)

But That’s Just The Start For Your Home Dog Remedies

There are many other home remedies for dog problems – behavioural problems, skin problems, digestive problems.  For example I’ve used all of these and more:

  • Garlic – in your dog’s food keeps away fleas and ticks
  • Evening Primrose Oil in food – works brilliantly for flaky skin and a dull coat
  • Lavender essential oil – is calming on dog blankets
  • Cod Liver Oil and Green Lipped Mussel – for joint problems
  • Salt water for bathing and sterilising cuts
  • Bicarbonate of soda solution for dogs that roll in digusting smelly things (like fox poo)

There are many other natural ways to keep your dog healthy and happy without expensive vet visits.   And I want to introduce you to Dr Andrew Jones. 

Introducing Dr Andrew Jones

There are more and more vets training in dog homeopathy and home dog remedies.  In fact I just found one who has written a book on the subject.  I’d been looking for something like this for ages and even thinking of writing my own.  But having a vet do it – with his training and knowledge of the medical conditions already – is worth its weight in gold.

Thanks to Dr Andrew Jones you now have a 480 page manual which teaches you everything you should know about home dog remedies.  Here’s just some of what’s in there:

  • Why your pets get sick
  • At home pet examinations
  • Healing with herbs
  • Healing with homeopathy
  • Healing with massage
  • And the longest list I’ve ever seen of ailments, with home treatments for them

About 2000 remedies are covered, lots of which you have at home or can get quickly from stores.

This really does get my vote because. 
  • I’m passionate about using non-drug treatments where possible
  • It solves a big problem
  • It puts you more in control
  • It saves you money
  • It gives complimentary treatments you can use alongside veterinary drugs
  • It gives treatments you can use without needing drugs
  • It’s written by a vet

I’m excited about what Dr Jones’ book can do for us – for our dogs’ health and our pockets.  To find out more about this amazing book just follow this link : Dr Andrew Jones Veterinary Secrets Revealed

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