Panic over my old dog with bad teeth!

This post is about blood and panic over my old dog with bad teeth, which happened just before Christmas late on a Sunday night.  Great timing!

One of the things you need to consider when choosing a dog (yes, even before you GET a dog) is that if there is an incovenient time to do something, they’ll find it.

The dogs had just been walked and we were about to settle down for a quiet evening in front of the TV.  Vinnie had other ideas.  He was dripping blood out of his mouth, with no sign of it stopping or where it was coming from.  Panic!

We phoned the emergency vet and took the half hour trip to the animal hospital for assessment. They gave Vinnie a sedative to take his blood pressure down and kept him overnight.  He had the rest of his teeth taken out the following day.

The poor guy didn’t eat for 2 days because his mouth was so sore. Not even slices of his favourite ham. He was on 2 sets of tablets, which was a brilliant thing to prescribe seeing as he wasn’t eating anything.  We spent a week feeding him tuna chunks and mash because it was the only thing he could eat.  He is thankfully back on normal food now, just soaked so he can eat it.

However some dog breeds are prone to bad teeth.  When you are choosing a dog, check the list of ailments and diseases in that breed for bad teeth and gums so you know what to expect.

Choosing to adopt an old dog can be a great introduction for a first time owner because they often demand so little.  Many old dogs that end up in rescue centres have had good lives and can come with all the training already done.  Yes, it might involve more vets bills in a shorter time frame, but you would have had to deal with those anyway, eventually.

If you’re thinking of choosing a dog soon, please consider an oldie.  Giving an old dog a comfortable life in its twighlight years is unbelievably rewarding, and more than makes up for the short time you might have together.  To check if an oldie is perfect for you, claim your your free e-course on choosing a dog here

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