Care for Dogs and Puppies at Puppy Farms

I was contacted yesterday by a friend of mine about a campaign on dogs and puppies at unlicenced puppy mills in the USA.

This is really important if you are choosing a puppy.

Sadly, puppy farms are still entirely LEGAL in the USA and UK.  If you buy your puppy over the internet, by phone and/or e-mail without ever visiting it at its ‘home’, then you are supporting puppy farming.

These places are simply profit making machines that care about their fat bank balances, and not you and certainly not your dog.  In fact your dog is the last thing they worry about.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has proposed to licence puppy farms. Shockingly, the American Kennel Club (AKC) has opposed more than 80 laws and ordinances designed to crack down on puppy mills over the last five years.

Puppy farmers say it will cause businesses ‘unnecessary expense’.  I fail to see what’s unnecessary about good quality care for dogs!

I’m sure they would say clearly that they provide affordable puppies at low prices.  Wouldn’t you rather pay more knowing that your puppy came from a decent, happy home?

If you buy from a puppy farm, you’ll most likely:

  • endure huge vets bills for preventable diseases
  • have a dog with behavioural issues
  • have a dog that dies early
  • have no way of getting your money back
  • have no recourse to the law to get compensation

The USA is a massive market for dogs.  13 million dogs are bought or adopted each year and 6 million of those will end up in rescue centres or shelters according to the ASPCA.  The scale of overbreeding is enormous. It not only causes suffering to the dogs, but it will cause you pain too.  The RSPCA statistics in the UK aren’t much better.

If you must have a puppy, then make sure you choose a breeder who has your interests at heart.  Better still, adopt one of the millions of unwanted dogs or puppies in rescue centres.

If you understand what’s involved in choosing a dog, you’re far less likely to support puppy farmers.  Get started today with your free e-course on choosing a dog.


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