Think About Your Weather When Bringing A New Puppy Home!

Gosh it’s HOT here!  It’s so hot that Vinnie (my old greyhound) is panting, lying down indoors.  British weather is so unpredictable.  It’s either cold and wet, or baking.

That’s why today I wanted to ask you to think about your weather when bringing a new puppy home.

Any dog or puppy you choose has to fit your household and lifestyle.  That’s a given.

But when deciding which dog to choose, you will usually find several dogs that fit the bill.   It’s rarely true that only one breed or type of dog will do.  You do usually have options.

However even though some breeds will work with you, they won’t always  do well with your weather.

If you live in a colder climate, you should choose a dog which adapted to or happy with this.   For example, The azawakh and saluki are desert dogs which hate cold and wet places.   However, the border collie, springer spaniel, belgian shepherd and husky-type breeds don’t mind rain, snow and cold.

It’s really important to think about your climate when bringing a new puppy or dog home.  You are not doing yourself or your dog any favours by getting one which will find your climate horrible.

A desert, hot climate or even thin coated dog in a cold climate needs a winter coat, a summer coat and possibly snow boots.  All quite expensive kit to buy and replace.  And some dogs (especially some toy breeds) won’t even go outside in wet, cold weather – and yes, will toilet inside in preference!

In reverse, a thick coated dog will need constant attention in hot climates.  Air conditioning in the house, only being walked extremely early in the morning and late at night, you needing to carry enough water for them to have a good drink every half an hour, and enough water to wet them to keep them cool when out.  (Or make sure you walk close to water instead).

So often I see people either with a shivering, miserable dog, or oblivious to the fact that heat exhaustion might kill their dog before they finish the walk!

There are some places which are hot in summer and cold in winter.  Well you can’t win them all!  Just make the best choice of dog which works between the two extremes.

So please make sure that when you choose your new puppy or dog, it’s going to be happy to run around with you where you live, in the weather you live in 365 days a year.

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