Rescue Dog Adoption Or Buy A Dog Instead?

This article raises the question on whether you should go for rescue dog adoption or buy a dog instead.  It came from a question on LinkedIn:

Why do so many people who call themselves animal lovers still purchase a pet rather then rescue one?

This topic generated a lot of interest, as you can imagine!

I can see both sides of the story, as a former rescue volunteer / rescue adopter and someone who has bought dogs too as puppies.

I would always recommend trying adoption first. However sometimes it’s not possible to find what suits you.  You might, for example, feel that adopting a dog is putting your children at risk.  With a good rescue centre behind you, that’s usually not the case. Dog and child problems are (in my experience) more often caused by the child being allowed to pester the dog well past its tolerance level.

Certain dogs work better for first time owners, and I can see how the prospect of dealing with a dog with ‘issues’ would put people off.  However you might not realise that many that dogs come into rescue centres because the owners were unable to care for them, marriage breakup or other reason and not because the dog was a ‘problem’.

However what I find is that most people jump into buying a puppy because they get this romantic notion of how lovely it will be to own one, then go off  without any further thought to get one.  These ‘animal lovers’ genuinely get swept up by their emotions!

I can see both sides having done both. I would however always look at rescue dogs first over a period of many months, covering many organisations locally and far flung, before making the decision to buy.

There is no right or wrong approach.  What you do need to be clear on is that what you’re getting will suit your whole lifestyle.  That’s something you have to do if you’re going to enjoy dog ownership the way it should be.

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