How To Find The Best Dog Shelter Or Dog Rescue

Today, I thought I would share some top tips on how to find the best dog shelter or dog rescue, based on past adoptions.

These tips are:

  1. The rescue centre or shelter should be able to give you clear directions on how to find them, and where to park.
  2. When you arrive, it should be clear where you go to be received.
  3. Staff should be available to greet you either immediately or within a couple of minutes.  If they are busy they should at least acknowledge you and tell you what to do/where to wait.
  4. The dog kennels or foster home should (as far as possible) give reasonable sleeping space, be clean and tidy, with as little dog mess as possible.
  5. The dogs should be in fresh bedding or blankets, and appear clean.
  6. They should ask you about your circumstances, and be able to point out the most suitable dogs for your lifestyle.
  7. The rescue shelter or centre should be clear with you about their policies on how you should behave while there.
  8. They should do a thorough vet check / dog health check and spay or neuter before rehoming
  9. They should require you to pass a home check and sign a homing contract
  10. They should offer the dog with a lead, collar, and plenty of leaflets about caring for your dog.  They might also give you poo bags, a muzzle and a starter pack of dog food (or have kennel food available for sale).
  11. They should give you phone/e-mail support after you have taken your dog home.

Getting a great rescue centre or dog shelter is the key to adopting the right dog for you.  Hopefully these tips can get you off on the right lines.  I know I’ve covered this before but it’s always useful to do it again!

Remember too that you can get dogs of any age from rescue.  Anything from puppies upwards.  However, if you are choosing a dog for the first time, please consider a senior.  They are often lovely to live with and a great introduction to life with dogs.

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