Getting The Best Dog For Children? Make Your Kids Safe For Dogs First.

This post about getting the best dog breed for children was inspired by a greyhound I met yesterday at the rescue centre.  I was dropping off some old unwanted coats, leads, collars and bedding. In the rescue centre’s own words:

Connie came back to the kennels from a home with young lad who would not give her her own space. She was only out a short time and the family had unrealistic expectations of having a hound in the house.

Basically, this child had been allowed by his parents to mess with the dog well past the dog’s tolerance level.  That’s not the child’s fault.  It’s lack of understanding of dog pyschology and a lack of parental control.

All dogs have a tolerance threshold – even the most gentle.  How would you feel if you wanted to go to bed and someone kept poking you in the ribs?  Not very pleased at all – especially if it went on for several days.

Lack of supervision of children and dogs, and lack of training of the children to respect the dog are the most common causes of dog bites.

If parents don’t or won’t step in to give the child some firm boundaries, then don’t blame the dog for asking for respect.

As dog owners, and parents, it’s vital that children are taught basic manners around dogs.  Most ethical dog breeders will NOT home a dog to a family where the children are obviously allowed to run amok without restraint, as this example shows:

We had a family come to visit us and the son was running up and down.  The parents did nothing to control him.  He stepped on one of the puppies and strained its paw.  Needless to say they went away without one –  Michelle Harvey, Breeder of Chinese Cresteds

There are some wonderful dogs out there which will be superb with your children. But you must teach your kids how to behave with dogs before you go anywhere near a breeder or a rescue centre.

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