Bringing A New Puppy Home – Are You Allowed?

Today I wanted to share a story about a Wisconsin couple who have had to make a choice between their dogs and where they live.  Most of you might be bringing a new puppy home as a first dog, but some of you might not.  In any case this article is relevant!

And before you ask, no – these are middle class, middle income homeowners.  They’re not tenants who have an unkind landlord.  Their town has decreed levels on the maximum number of pets each household is permitted.  This was something they were never informed of when they bought the house.

Here’s the story:

Wisconsin couple vows to give up home before dogs

In early January, a couple in pursuit of the American dream moved to Wausau, Wisconsin, buying a home with the thought of settling down. In just two months, that home was back on the market, and James and Melissa Lecker say they are even willing to take a loss to unload it.

That’s because the town has told them to choose between their home or their dogs. The Leckers moved to Wasau without realizing that the town has an ordinance limiting the number of pets a resident may legally own. The limit for dogs is two: the Leckers own four dogs.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Melissa Lecker said after a police officer notified her she was in violation of the law and subject to a fine of more than $100 per day. Lecker says the town gave her an ultimatum.

“They told us that the ordinance clearly states they cannot work with us, that it’s either two dogs or that you have to move, as you can’t have four dogs here.”

Faced with the decision, the Leckers said it was an easy one to make.

The Leckers have put the house on the market and say they are willing to take a $15,000 loss in order sell it. If leaving town is what it takes to keep their family together, they are ready to move on.

Now if that was you would you have thought to check if there was a maximum pet limit?  No, and probably 99% of us wouldn’t have either.

You don’t want you to get into the same pickle the Leckers found themselves in,  so please check:

  1. that you’re not exceeding the maximum  number of dogs in your locality, and
  2. you’re not trying to bring home a dog breed which your locality has banned or has serious restrictions on

Once you’ve checked there aren’t any major restrictions, the way is clear for you to choose your dog.  Pick up this free e-course to help you on your way.    Send article as PDF   

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