Think Before Bringing A New Puppy Home

Yesterday I received my monthly dog rescue magazine.  Several stories really caught my attention and that’s why I’m asking you to think before bringing a new puppy home.

Here are extracts from the stories:

Bouncer arrived at the centre early in 2009, having been kept outdoors all the time in a very small garden.

An emaciated male lurcher was found abandoned in Kent.  The lurcher was half the normal body weight for a dog of his size – so thin that his bones had broken through his skin.

An unemployed man left his Staffordshire Bull Terrier to starve when he went away for a week.  The dog was found lying in a shed with no food or water in reach.

A puppy was so thin he was barely recognisable as a Rottweiler.  The woman said she’d had no money to feed the dog and hadn’t taken him to a vet because she was afraid he would be taken away from her.

So many people are swept away with the romantic idea of getting a dog that they fail to think or plan for life afterwards. For most people, buying a puppy takes only moments.

But then when they get it home reality bites. It takes a lot of work.  Work like:

  • Feeding your puppy 3-4 meals a day
  • 3 to 4 short walks a day for the first 3 months
  • At least 1 hour a day spent in dedicated toilet training
  • At least 1 hour a day on general training in the basics
  • Dedicated training in car travel
  • Playtime and snuggle time with you every day
  • Providing a comfortable, clean and safe place to sleep
  • Getting up several times each night to settle the puppy down again
  • Being at home most of the day to care for the puppy, or providing proper qualified dog day care
  • Dog training classes once or twice a week
  • Socialising your puppy to new environments on an ongoing basis

And that’s just some of the time you’ll commit.  Add into that the cost of everything, including leads, collars, vaccinations, vet care and more.

Puppies are cute but they are very hard work!

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