Thinking Of Bringing A New Puppy Home?

Are you thinking of bringing a new puppy home?  If so this article is for you.  Let me tell you how this came about.

Recently, I visited one of my favourite coffee shops – a place called The Lock House in Great Haywood.  I go there because they love dogs and their outdoor barn is dog friendly.  Lots of people go there after their dog walks for a coffee, cake or breakfast, and the dogs get free dog biscuits.

On this particular day I went in and the two girls went to say hello to anyone who would give them a fuss.  This time it was a guy with Westies (West Highland White Terriers).   We started up a conversation about dogs and what he said absolutely amazed me:

I love dogs.  I have 4 Westies – 2 youngsters and 2 oldies.  One is 22 years old and the other is 23!  We bought the young ones 5 years ago because we figured the old ones wouldn’t be around for much longer.  But they’re still going strong, which is amazing because I feed them all the wrong things and do the wrong things.  They are practically blind now but still happy and healthy.  I think that’s amazing for a pure bred dog.

This shows how absolutely vital it is to get a good dog breeder for your puppy.

If you are bringing a new puppy home from a dog breeder, then naturally you want this to be the best, friendly and healthiest puppy you can buy.  However there are many breeders around who really aren’t ‘proper’ breeders.

Many ‘breeders’ who advertise in local papers are people who have a couple of pedigree dogs which they have put together so they can sell puppies for profit.  They don’t have a clue about bloodlines, dog health screening, hereditary diseases in dogs, proper exercise or training, and that’s just for starters.

If you buy a puppy from one of these people you’re playing lucky dip.  You might be bringing home a new puppy who is delightful and healthy and will make your life joyful for a very long time.  But you just as easily might buy yourself endless vets bills and an early death.

The same goes for many ‘breeders’ who advertise puppies via general ‘puppies for sale’ internet sites.  These are often even worse – as they are simply puppy farms (puppy mills) that churn out substandard puppies for massive profits.  They care even less about you and the dogs they breed.  All they want is your money.

So if you’re thinking of bringing a new puppy home you deserve a proper breeder.  An ethical breeder.  Someone who breeds dogs for love, not money.  Someone who breeds in health, good temper, solid bones, intelligence and more.

A dog breeder like this will give you every chance of seeing your puppy live to its fullest old age.  You deserve it, and so does your dog.

But how do you find one?

Many people find good dog breeders by word of mouth.  If you have a particular breed of dog in mind, ask people you meet who have that dog.  Go to dog training clubs and ask there.  Owners at dog shows might also help – but beware, some of them are also breeders who will try and persuade you than only they have what you want.

There’s a system and a method to finding the right dog breeder.  One that I use every time I am thinking of bringing home a new puppy.  Mostly I go to rescue centres for my dogs, but occasionally I do need something very specific.  Then I use my very own step by step process which never fails:

  • I gather information about breeders from lots of sources including Kennel Clubs and breed associations.
  • I cross-reference it all to see which names stand out for all the right reasons
  • I check their details and history and decide which to shortlist
  • I call them, visit them, inspect what they do, spend time with their dogs and ask all the right questions
  • I assess how well they perform against a standard set of ‘must haves’
  • And then I decide which one I like the best

This process has been tested many times over the last 20 years, and it works.

And if you have two breeders in the running, choose the one who beams like the sunshine when they are with their dogs!

So if you are thinking of bringing a new puppy home right now, make sure you get the results you want.  Your chances of getting a happy, healthy puppy can so easily be destroyed if you’re not sure how to go about it.   Instead of worrying, look forward to many wonderful years with your dog, like the man with his glorious old Westies.

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