What Kind Of Dog Should I Get (2)?

If you’re wondering ‘what kind of dog should I get?‘ consider this:

One which doesn’t drag you out in the cold and wet, if that’s something you hate!

One of the joys of having dogs is they need exercise.  Which is a great way to get out, get fitter, get healthier and meet people.  It is also one of the drawbacks too.

Last night it was blowing almost a gale and raining with it.  Delightful weather for an evening stroll.  Well, my two youngsters think so.  They get what I call ‘cabin fever’ if they don’t get two good walks a day.  (For us a good walk is an hour or more.)  If they don’t get their evening walk they start tearing round the lounge and generally getting in my face until we do go out.

So after a short spell of insistent grinning, tail wagging and being poked with feet, we donned our waterproofs and headed out for an hour’s walk down the canal bank.

The walk itself once we were out was enjoyable because we were wrapped up against the elements.  But getting yourself motivated to go out in bad weather can be difficult.

There is a serious point to this when asking yourself ‘what kind of dog should I get?’. 

Make sure the dog you choose is happy doing the exercise you want to do.

If you hate going for walks on dark nights when it is cold and wet, then your dog should be the same.  There is no point getting a gundog breed and expecting it to prefer curling up in front of the TV on a winter’s evening.  It won’t.  It will go out in any weather and be happy to be out.  Likewise with many of the working dog and terrier breeds.

There are dog breeds which hate wet and cold walks.  Most often these are toy and companion breeds like the Bichon Frise, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, and Italian Greyhound.  Some of these toy/companion breeds can be difficult to housetrain because they won’t even go in the garden when it’s wet!

Dogs which don’t get the daily exercise they need seem to go one of two ways.

  • Destructive, hyperactive and barky – ruining your house, garden and neighbours’ peace and quiet
  • Depressed, lazy, fat and prone to disease – increasing your vet bills

And all dogs operate best with a walk in the morning and again in the evening, as these are the times they would hunt when in the wild.

I know from experience that one of the best answers to ‘what kind of dog should I get?‘ is ‘one which is happy with the exercise time I can give it, and also  ‘likes going for walks in weather I’m happy to walk in‘.

If you start with only that when choosing your dog, you’ll get a lot further to happiness than most people!  But if you want true happiness with your dog, start off properly with 3 FREE Guides worth £37.


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