What Kind Of Dog Should I Get?

If you’re wondering ‘what kind of dog should I get’, then well done for thinking ahead.  Many people decide they want a dog and then fall for the first cute puppy that crosses their path.  This is usually a recipe for disaster.

Statistically, at least 50% of all first-time dog owners get it horribly wrong.  Many more experienced dog owners do too. That’s why our rescue centres are overflowing with millions of abandoned, abused and unwanted dogs.

People get swept away with the idea of getting a dog, and how lovely life will be afterwards.  I can’t deny that life with a dog – the  right kind of dog for you – is everything you could imagine and more.  However, if you are all fired up and thinking ‘what kind of dog should I get?‘, there’s one thing you should do before you rush off.

Ask yourself whether you should have a dog at all.

Or at least ask whether you should get a dog right now.  There’s always time to get one in the future.

That’s what happened to one of my recent e-book customers, Nan Sharp.  She bought my e-book with the intention of getting a hypo-allergenic (low-allergy) dog.  Here’s what she had to say:

I did purchase your on-line book, and it helped me, although not in the way I had envisioned.  I was all set to select the non-allergenic dog that would be perfect for me and instead, determined that any dog was not in my future, at least for awhile.After the death of my husband, I moved into a much smaller house, about 3 miles from my prior home and made all sorts of renovations.

While still getting settled, I took a month off to be with my granddaughter, when she had her first child, and have made the 11-1/2 hour trip a couple of times to see my new great granddaughter.  Then, I was talked into teaching 6 yoga classes a week in the retirement community in which I live.  So, you can see why, after reading your book, I decided to put my dog-raising plans on hold, until my life settles down.

Of course, if at age 75, it hasn’t settled, it may never do so!

I’ve printed your book, so that I can return to the information in it, when the time is right.

The contents of your book persuaded me to wait awhile before buying a dog.  Also, the questions that you pose, as well as other avenues of information, changed the type and size of hypo-allergenic dog that I had thought I wanted.  With the start of the new year, I intend to reread your book and make some decisions about adding a pet to my household.  Thank you for all of the pertinent information contained in your book.  Nan Sharp

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with her e-mail.  Nan started by asking herself ‘what kind of dog should I get?’ and with the help of my e-book, decided not to change both the kind of dog and the timing!

Here’s my reply to Nan:

Nan, this is entirely the right outcome!  If the time is not right, then it is better to wait.  I’d rather someone do that than get a dog and then have to rehome it.  Too distressing for everyone.

I know people older than you who still have plenty of umph left and would make an excellent home for a dog. Your life sounds as mad as mine!

Best wishes!  Bev

Saving you from getting the wrong dog, or from getting a dog at the wrong time is just as important as getting the right dog into your life.    And the e-book stands the test of time.  The system never fails.  Nan will come back to the e-book in the New Year and I am sure she will find exactly what she is looking for.

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