Dog Walks At Castle Ring Fort

Another fun post sharing photos of us on our dog walks.  This time some early morning shots around Castle Ring hill fort near Cannock.  The fort itself is just a big circular earthwork, so nothing spectacular to look at.  However from the top, looking northwards, you can see the edge of the Derbyshire Peak District.

Don’t be fooled by the sun in the pictures either.  It was COLD today.  This is the first day since about April that I have had to wear a fleece and a coat.

Arwen in early morning shadows

Kylah and Vinnie - Which Way Did It Go?


Dog file!


View from Castle Ring Hill Fort


Vinnie - still looking good at 11.5 yrs old!


A pretty pond

On days like today, it’s a joy to be out with the ‘kids’.

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