Dog Walks In Autumn

Dog walks in autumn can be some of the most beautiful.  The early crispness of the air gives way to warmth.  Leaves cascade off the trees like confetti.  I love to see the shades of red, gold, purple and brown mixing gloriously through the woodland.  It’s just disappointing to know that this last flurry of magnificence means winter will be here soon.

So I thought I would share 3 great autumn shots from a few years ago.  These were taken in woods near Hambleden, in the Chiltern Hills.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.  Why not send me some autumn shots of your own that I can feature here?

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2 Responses to “Dog Walks In Autumn”

  • Autumn is the best time of year for walks! I would love a dog so I had more excuses to go for long walks…there is something very satisfying about walking through crunchy autumn leaves :)

  • Beverley says:

    Hi Sarah – well maybe my site will help you with your wish! Browse, learn, have fun and one day you might get your dog.